Born in Rhodes, Greece and raised in the world of gaming, Nick Chalvatzakis started having interest in Computer Science and Art from early age. Unfortunately, he lacked the skills to become an artist but he found out that through programming he can combine Maths and Physics to create something that gave meaning to every aspect of modern Art, Video Games.  Starting learning programming developing since the age of 11, now released a few games out and a student in Electrical Engineering in the University of Aegean in Samos.

Games are what gives actual life to Arts such as Music, Photography, Painting, Filming and many more. They are our new Grim Brothers’ stories, our new Led Zeppelin. All of these arts that individually harmonize with our pulse are connected into one multimedia, what we call Games. Through games you can deliver, feelings, teachings and values. That, is my aim as a Game Developer.

My Skills

Game Design
Game Developing
Project Management
Web Developing

Education & Training

  • Undergraduate 2014-Present

    Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department

    University of Aegean, Samos, Greece

  • Graduate

    Higher School Certificate

    3rd High School of Rhodes


  • present2015

    Freelancer Programmer

  • present2012

    Programmer - Unicorn Studios

  • 20122011

    Programmer - Divinity Studios Ltd.

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • Dec 2015
    Placed 2nd in 4th Gi-Cluster Hellenic Game Jam
    Won first prize due to the affiliation between the first ranked team and the organizer.
  • Dec 2014
    Placed 4th in 3rd Gi-Cluster Hellenic Game Jam
    First Game Jam I entered. 48 hours of fun and accomplishment.